The Compression Closet Expands Inventory, Furthering Its Commitment to Supporting Lymphedema Patients

The Compression Closet Expands Inventory, Furthering Its Commitment to Supporting Lymphedema Patients

Your therapist choice in compression garments for lymphedema increases inventory, offers multiple new compression garments.

The Compression Closet Expands Inventory, Furthering Its Commitment to Supporting Lymphedema Patients

Crystal Lake, IL, July 08, 2020 –(– The Compression Closet, a virtual compression closet for lymphedema therapists, today announced the expansion of multiple new products to its inventory. All of the products available at The Compression Closet have been tested and approved by therapists specializing in lymphedema.

By working closely with lymphedema therapists and medical professionals, The Compression Closet has narrowed down and simplified the process of choosing the right compression garment in order to provide the most effective, over-the-counter compression garments for lymphedema.

See below for the line of products that are now available at The Compression Closet:

Sigvaris CompreShort Capri: Features 10-15mmHg of supportive, mild compression for truncal or abdominal Edema. The CompreShort Capri is made with a soft, breathable fabric that reduces moisture containment. This garment works well in combination with other compression garments, such as knee-high stockings or with below-knee Velcro wrap garments.

Jobst FarrowWrap Toe Cap: Offers a durable, latex-free compression garment for edema/lymphedema in the toes. This unique garment can be used on either foot. The Jobst FarrowWrap toe cap has a low profile and works well under other compression garments.

Juzo Compression Wrap: Now has the option of a slip on stretch panel to secure the garment in place for easier donning and doffing. This unique wrap garment is reversible, giving the garment twice the life as comparable garments. It also comes with a pair of Full Foot liners, providing compression in the foot and ankle, while the rest of the stocking serves as a liner. This versatile garment also comes with removable and replaceable Velcro tabs.

The Jovi Chin Strap: Addresses edema of the neck, mandible, and the anterior/lateral aspects of the face, which partially cover the ears. The open neck seam accommodates for your choice of padding. The Jovi Universal Pad is designed to work with the chin strap. The foam chips in the Universal Pad help to break up lymphatic fluid and move it out. Velcro straps at the neck and top of head are adjustable.

Medi Under Sock: Though designed to work along with Medi Compression Wrap Garments, the sock can be used with any compression leg wrap garment. This compression stocking has compression in the foot and ankle only, so the rest of the garment acts like a liner underneath the compression wrap. The garment comes in either a mild (15-25mmHg) or moderate (25-35mmHg) compression. Like all Medi products, this garment is made of the highest quality.

“The Compression Closet is a small, family-owned business that works closely with lymphedema therapists to help them find quality compression therapy for their patients. The ecommerce shop has been specializing in compression therapy products and fitting services in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago for over twelve years. The Compression Closet understands that lymphedema is not a one-size-fits-all kind of condition—it can be challenging, which is why the company strives for a close working relationship with both therapists and their patients.”

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About The Compression Closet
The Compression Closet is a virtual compression closet for the lymphedema therapist. Working directly with lymphedema therapists to ensure their patients get effective quality compression garments, at a great price.

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