Surgical Mask Supplier: SoMedicalSupplies Daily Production Capacity Up to 3 Million

Surgical Mask Supplier: SoMedicalSupplies Daily Production Capacity Up to 3 Million

Guangzhou, China, March 17, 2020 –(– The demand for surgical masks will continue to drastically rise given the situation the entire world is in today. The increasing number of reported cases of the Coronavirus disease in many countries has caused people to be more mindful of their hygiene and protection against sicknesses as well. This is why, SoMedicalSupplies, a professional supplier of medical and surgical supplies, have increased their daily production of surgical masks to 3 million.

The Shortages of Face Masks
In the latest update, there are more than 130,000 Coronavirus cases in the world. After the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease, people are panic buying and hoarding supplies and among them are face masks. This has caused shortages in the supply, particularly in the US and China. Apart from the Coronavirus situation, there are also other reasons why people are going to need masks. Many elderly people have low immune systems, which is why they are advised to wear masks outside. Moreover, health care providers who are constantly exposed to sick people, are going to need face masks more than ever.

Normally, a face mask manufacturer will make more or less 170 million masks each year. But to keep up with the demand, SoMedicalSupplies have gathered all their efforts to make 3 million a day. This is to keep up with the demand and help in the shortage of masks not just in China, but in other countries as well.

SoMedicalSupplies Face Masks
SoMedical Supplies manufactures two types of face masks – the 3-ply disposable and the surgical disposable PP. The company’s factory was granted CE and FDA certificates and all products are manufactured according to the ISO 13485 standard. This is to ensure the quality of all the products and that global market requirements are met.

The 3-ply disposable masks are suitable for daily protection and have the following specifications:

Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE): ≥95%

Sterility: None, but if required, the delivery time will be between 7 to 10 days.

Material: Non-woven fabric

Size: 17.5cm x 9.5cm for adult

Packaging: 10 pcs/bag, 50 pcs/box, 40 boxes/ctn

The surgical disposable PP face masks suitable for health care use and come with the following specifications:

Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE): ≥95%

Particulate filtration efficiency (PFE): ≥30%

Effective in isolating bacteria, haze, pollen, and dust

Differential pressure: ≤29.4pa/m3

Material: 1st layer – PP 20g, 2nd layer – 20-25 g, 3rd layer – PP 20g/ES20g

Sizes: 17.5cm x 9.5cm for adults, 14.5cm x 9.5cm for children

Color: white, blue, green, or customized according to client preference.

Certificate: CE, FDA, ISO 13485, SGS, TUV

About SoMedicalSupplies
SoMedical Supplies is a professional supplier of medical and surgical supplies that is based in China. The company has been in the industry for more than a decade. In addition to masks, the company also offers gowns, coveralls, caps, shoe covers, and SMS bedsheets among others. To learn more about the company and the products it offers, please visit its website at

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