Leading University and California Independent School District Latest…

Leading University and California Independent School District Latest…

Our whole mission is to get people safely back to work and life.

To support their innovative approaches to keep students, faculty and staff safe, two large, respected educational institutions worked with Apache SafeSpace Solutions to incorporate leading UV-C technology, thermal infrared temperature scanners and other innovative products into their operations.

“Our whole mission is to get people safely back to work and life,” says Mike Knigin, CEO of Apache Industrial Services. “Working with some of the largest and most respected institutions in education to help them get their students and people back safely and to keep them safe is an honor. They both found that in addition to superior technology, the availability and affordability of the custom solutions were game-changers for them.”

Apache Industrial Services, a leader in the industrial services space, has built on its reputation of safety through their carefully designed, advanced technical solutions. In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the company quickly pivoted to develop a robust suite of UV-C products to effectively eliminate microbial threats in the air and on surfaces, as well as Mass Temperature Screening Systems that are among the most accurate anywhere. The product suite is known as Apache SafeSpace Solutions.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty out in the world right now, especially within education,” says Knigin. “Our hope is that our SafeSpace products, in conjunction with safety protocols and procedures, provide additional peace of mind to parents, students and teachers.”

Rice University: Rice University partnered with Apache to develop a custom HVAC UV-C system using AIRrowSwift 6000 UV-C panels for their on-campus student isolation wing. In preparation for a returning student body, the university designated the Sid W. Richardson residential college building as an isolation and recovery wing for students infected with COVID-19. Proven UV-C technology mounted on custom-engineered decontamination panels were installed in the building’s air ducts. All airflow in the building is now being treated to eliminate microbial threats such as bacteria, viruses and fungi, creating a safer, cleaner space for staff and recovering students.

“The Apache team was phenomenal from our first conversations to our final walk through to make sure the system was all operating as designed. We are confident that we have created a much safer environment for our staff to work in while housing COVID-positive students,” said Brad Thacker, Senior Operations Manager of Housing and Dining at Rice University. “I cannot thank Mike Knigin and his impressive team enough for all their work and dedication to engineering a solution for our building’s distinctive HVAC system.”

Caruthers Unified School District: Caruthers Unified School District in California partnered with Apache to incorporate a suite of UV-C products that were found to be effective in reducing traces of dangerous microorganisms on hard surfaces. UV-C products, including the Tomahawk 8000, AIRrow 2.0 air purifiers and Tomahawk Ultra-Lights, are being used by staff to routinely treat and decontaminate desks, doorknobs, chairs and whole classrooms.

“The AIRrow 2.0 units are a better size for our classrooms and should be appreciated by everyone for the additional safety they provide,” said a district spokesperson. “While we look forward to when COVID-19 is gone, we know the technology Apache provided will help our staff and students stay safe from airborne and surface contaminates for years to come.”

Apache SafeSpace Solutions continue to be rolled out in school districts, universities, libraries, leading retailers, car dealerships, restaurants, prisons and homes across the United States. To learn more about Apache SafeSpace Solutions, visit http://www.apachesafespacesolutions.com.

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Published at Wed, 11 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0000