Introducing Tulip: The World’s Largest Egg Donor Database

Introducing Tulip: The World’s Largest Egg Donor Database

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TULIP, the world’s largest consumer-directed egg donor database launched today, encompassing 90 percent of all U.S. donors. The simple, do-it-yourself online search platform is now helping intended parents navigate the challenging process of finding an egg donor – empowering them with vast egg donor choice, expert knowledge and coaching support.

“Infertility affects 14 Million women and men in the U.S., who collectively spend $17 Billion annually on fertility services,” said Gail Sexton-Anderson, Chair and Co-Founder of TULIP. “The third-party fertility market itself is a loose collaboration of hundreds of agencies and clinics that operate independently, making it a daunting and challenging process for intended parents. We designed TULIP to consolidate the market and provide transparency to hopeful parents at a time when consumers demand access and dependable information.”

Founded by the team that built Donor Concierge, the leading third-party fertility service, TULIP provides access to an array of donors, surrogates and services through their immense network of fully-vetted agencies throughout the U.S.. Hopeful parents can quickly find unbiased intel, gain access to medical clinics, expert legal advice as well as psychological and genetic resources. In addition, TULIP’s team of experts are trusted by doctors and fertility professionals around the world, with over 60 percent of the brand’s users being referred by fertility professionals.

“Our goal is to match our clients with the best available candidates who are a good fit for their family,” continued Sexton-Anderson. “Our proprietary software makes searches faster and more comprehensive, while our team provides the one-on-one support that humanizes the process for hopeful parents.”

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Published at Fri, 20 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0000