Cardiff Lexington Corp Drives 63 Percent Year-Over-Year Increase For…

Cardiff Lexington Corp Drives 63 Percent Year-Over-Year Increase For…

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One year following Cardiff Lexington Corp‘s (CDIX) acquisition of Platinum Tax Defenders, the holding company has reported a 63 percent year-over-year revenue increase for the tax firm. The revenue increase marks the most significant financial gains in Platinum Tax Defenders’ history. Cardiff Lexington acquired Platinum Tax Defenders in July 2018, signing a definitive merger agreement under which Platinum Tax Defenders merged into Cardiff Lexington Corp. The acquisition increased Cardiff Lexington’s total annualized revenue to $6.7 million.

By acquiring Platinum Tax Defenders, Cardiff Lexington Corp is providing the tax resolution company with an unprecedented opportunity for growth and expansion. Rather than being industry- or geography-specific, Cardiff Lexington Corp’s investment strategy is opportunity-focused and growth-oriented. When Cardiff Lexington approached Platinum Tax Defenders with an acquisition opportunity in 2018, the Cardiff executives saw a tremendous growth opportunity in the Southern California-based tax resolution company. They saw that, for nearly a decade, Platinum Tax Defenders has been helping taxpayers overcome their tax debt issues with the IRS. Cardiff Lexington’s acquisition of Platinum Tax Defenders provides the holding company the opportunity to help expand a thriving, middle-sized Southern California company. Now under the Cardiff Lexington umbrella, Cardiff can provide Platinum Tax Defenders with the necessary support and resources to help taxpayers across the country settle their IRS debts.

“We are thrilled to report this revenue increase for Platinum Tax Defenders, a company that is truly doing good for so many taxpayers across the country,” said Alex Cunningham, President/CEO of Cardiff Lexington. “It’s very promising to see the growth that Platinum Tax Defenders has experienced in only one year that they’ve been under our umbrella. We look forward to positioning the company for even more exponential growth in the future.”

“In only one year since being acquired by Cardiff Lexington Corp, our company has experienced incredible growth and new opportunity,” said Sherri Gastelum, CEO of Platinum Tax Defenders. “Being under the umbrella of a company like Cardiff Lexington has given our team the necessary resources and support to continue to expand our reach and execute on our goal of helping taxpayers across the country get relief from IRS debts.”

Cardiff Lexington Corp’s investment strategy is unlike many other holding companies. The executives at Cardiff Lexington do not seek to grow their portfolio with companies in a specific region or industry. The Cardiff Lexington team looks for profitable companies, have an excellent management team, and are poised to continue striving for success once they’re acquired. When looking for companies in which to invest or acquire, Cardiff Lexington looks for small to mid-sized organizations with a proven track record of success. Cardiff acquires companies that have been in business for five-plus years and want to grow. At the same time, Cardiff looks for investment opportunities in companies that have been in business for 20-plus years and are looking for an exit strategy. Whether a company is looking to make a bigger splash in their market, or change courses ultimately, Cardiff Lexington provides the resources and support necessary to help promote further success, as they’ve done with Platinum Tax Defenders.

“We look forward to seeing even larger revenue gains for Platinum Tax Defenders in the coming years,” adds Cunningham. “For Cardiff Lexington and Platinum Tax Defenders, this is only the beginning.”

Cardiff Lexington Corp looks forward to continuing to push Platinum Tax Defenders toward further success while doing the same for its existing portfolio of clients, and new clients as well.

About Cardiff Lexington Corporation:

With a history of helping small to medium-sized businesses thrive and survive for over 18 years, Cardiff Lexington is a public holding company that leverages proven management in private companies that become wholly-owned subsidiaries. Cardiff Lexington does not focus on finding businesses in a specific industry or part of the country; they look for proven management, market, and margin. When looking for companies in which to invest or acquire, Cardiff looks for mature, high-growth, niche companies. Cardiff’s strategy is to identify and empower select income-producing middle market private businesses and commercial real estate properties. When these companies come under the Cardiff umbrella, they are provided with an increased opportunity to raise money for operations and expansion, or an equity exit and liquidity strategy for the owner, heirs, or investors.

For those interested in partnering with Cardiff Lexington as investors, Cardiff provides a diversified lower risk investment opportunities to protect and safely enhance their investment by continually adding assets and holdings. The Cardiff Lexington leadership team comprises talented and influential executives and advisors that provide expert acquisition, market guidance, and added value for Cardiff’s subsidiaries and investors. For more information on Cardiff Lexington, visit, or call (877) 711-7108.

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Published at Fri, 16 Aug 2019 00:00:00 +0000