18 Of The Worst Relationships In Hollywood

George Clooney and David O. Russell

David O. Russell was such a tyrannical director that he somehow managed to ruffle the cool, calm, and collected Clooney. Clooney sent Russell a handwritten note, calling the film: the most havoc-ridden, anxiety-ridden, angry set that I have ever witnessed, and at one point Russell apparently head-butted Clooney.

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters

Roberts was arrested for domestic violence against Peters, and for some reason, they are still together.

Kim Basinger and Adrian Lyne

Director Lyne decided to use a very controversial method in his directing he treated actress Basinger with such cruelty that the emotions portrayed on screen in 9 1/2 Weeks were actually real. The cast and crew claimed that the intensity between them was disturbing.

Aaron Carter and Lindsay Lohan

Most people know that Carter dated Hilary Duff back in the day, but little do they know what ruined their relationship Lindsay Lohan. According to him, he was bored with his television star girlfriend, so he decided to spice things up by dumping her and hooking up with the young movie actress. Great start to a relationship.